LEDs and AC Power

Many LEDs are now used directly with main line 110 volt AC power (generally 85-220VAC) without the need of a external transformer/LED driver.  The internal circuitry of the higher input voltage lights have a capacitor to drop the voltage and a small resistor to limit the inrush current.  Since the capacitor must pass current in both directions, a small diode is connected in parallel with the LED to provide a path for the negative half cycle and also to limit the reverse voltage across the LED.

To run a traditional 12V LED from a main 110VAC line supply, a driver is needed between the supply and the devices themselves to provide the necessary DC voltage to power the LEDs. Many stand-alone LED fixtures simply have a driver/transformer between the wall socket and the fixture to provide the required DC voltage.  However, standard transformers are not recommended for use with LED lights and often can void the light’s warranty as the lights may flicker and the lifespan of the light is decreased.  An LED specific driver is highly recommended for use with 12-24V lights running from main line 110VAC power.

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