Color Temperature

Measured in degrees Kelvin (K), color temperature is how we measure how "cool" or "warm" a light is. Yellow-red colors (like the flames of a fire) are considered warm, and blue-green colors (like light from an overcast sky) are considered cool.  A higher color temp (6500-7500K) is what we consider “cool light,” a medium or neutral color temp (4000-6000K) is what we consider "natural daylight white," and lower color temps (2700–3500K) are considered “warm light.” 

Cooler light is preferred for visual tasks because it produces more contrast and is considered by many as a healthier, natural light.  Warm light is preferred for living room spaces and restaurants because it is more flattering to skin tones, wood, and clothing (and is what we are accustomed to growing up under incandescent lighting).

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